It's Finally Finished

It's been 10 years in the making but I've finally finished it. And would you believe it, I haven't even tried it on yet! Too scared to I think.

I bought this yarn (it's 100% cotton and knitted up to make a beautifully soft garment) before my youngest son started school. He's now fourteen.

In that time I've returned to part-time work, studied part-time to gain first my diploma in early childhood teaching, and then my degree, and devoted more time to patchwork and writing than I have to knitting. In fact, now I usually only knit when going on long trips in the car.

To be honest, I only started knitting this particular garment twelve months ago. I had knitted the front and back up in another pattern but decided that I wasn't happy with it, so last year I finally undid it and experimented to come up with this. The original pattern from which I adapted this one, didn't have the lace inserts starting at different points to give the 'V' effect.

I love the colour which is why I bought the yarn in the first place. I'm hoping to buy some more wool soon and start something else - something that hopefully won't take ten years to complete.

I just hope it fits now!


SchnauzerMom said…
That is a beautiful sweater. I took over 5 years to make a crochet lace tablecloth. Sometimes you just get tired and need to take a break.
Jules said…
I finally got the courage to try it on and ... I hate it! It makes me look short and fat (which I am - but even worse than usual).

Perhaps I'll just stick to knitting for The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World!