So ...

I haven't forgotten my Advent posts but life seems to have gotten in the way: teachers off sick, last week at work, increased commitments, tummy bug, adult sons home ... you get the idea. However if recent comments are any indication, my readers are more interested in seeing pictures of my incredibly gorgeous and outstanding family rather than reading my deeply considered views on doctrine and theology.

So ... the readers have it.

Just to prove that I could have gone all the way to Z, here are some of the posts I had planned. If there are any that you'd like me to particularly write on, just let me know. Otherwise, I'll just satisfy myself with making this list so that I don't feel like a total failure. (Can you tell that I hate unfinished business?)

J ...Joseph, Jerusalem, Joy, Jewish leaders
(read Matthew 2:3-6 to see how the Jewish leaders were unwittingly involved in the first attempt on Jesus' life).

K ... King, Kingdom

L ... Light

M ... Manger, Mary

N ... Nazareth, Noel

O ... Obed
(He's in the genealogy. Matthew 1:5 to be exact.)

P ... Peace

Q ... Quickened
(Actually I can't find this in the Nativity story. Elizabeth spoke of the babe leaping for joy in her womb and the shepherds hastened to Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus ... so quickened is implied in both its old sense and the more common use of the word in these two examples. Well that's my argument anyway.)

R ... Redeemer

S ... Saviour, Shepherds, Star

T ... Tidings

U ... Uriah
(Oh I love these genealogies. Matthew 1:6 supplied this one.)

V ... Virgin

W ... Wise Men

X ... Xmas
(Okay, you won't find this in any Bible verse and it's a word many object to because they say it takes the 'Christ' out of 'Christmas'. On the other hand, some say it puts the Cross - 'X' - back into Christmas - right where it belongs.)

Y ... You (as in "For unto You is born".)

Z ... Zerubbabel, Zadok (Also found in the genealogy. Read Matthew 1:12-13 if you don't believe me.), Zacharias (father of John the Baptist).

So ... to keep everyone happy, here's another pic of my absolutely gorgeous family (well some of them anyway) ... and in particular, DIL#2 who missed out on all the noise and mess of making Christmas puddings and decorating a tree because she was sick.


Ohtawen said…
Heh. I blame myself for not commenting. I have read all of your advent posts, Jules, and they made me think... I still have long way to go and grow in faith. I'm going through a stage in life where I must fortify my beliefs, because it seems that I'm losing after all... But really, you have helped me a lot. And commenting on posts with happy pictures and adorable family members is easier for me. For if I wanted to share my thoughts on heavier subjects, I'd have to dwell on them, and it's not the easiest thing for me right now.

But anyway :) You are not a failure! You are fabulous, Jules! You have planned so thoroughly the series of advent posts - I'm amazed. I'm very interested in the posts titled "Light" and "Redeemer". (I feel strongly about those two topics...)

P.S. Your family is absolutely gorgeous. The little one is so sweet!
SchnauzerMom said…
I'm impressed that you came up with something for each letter of the alphabet. I would have trouble with that. You do have a good looking family.
Jen said…
I love reading what you write, and also seeing pictures of your beautiful family :). So I love both! My husband was just talking about the X in Christmas. I always thought it was bad to write Xmas, but he told me that the X in the Greek stands for "Christ"! I thought that was pretty interesting. So there is your Greek lesson for today :).

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