Can Opener

DH bought a $25 can opener for me and it doesn't work! He was tired of the cheap ones breaking all the time so decided to spend more ... Now he has to take it back and we still can't open our cans. (Well, I can't. DH has what he calls a 'multi-tool' and it does the trick but there's no way I'm going to be using that. Just the thought of learning how to open it scares me.)

I'm tired of appliances that break a few days after the warranty has expired ... and kitchen tools that don't do the job. My pet hate at the moment is those ridiculous plastic things that are called vegetable peelers and you're lucky if they peel anything - except your skin.

DH is always complaining that he can't get decent tools ... well I'm complaining now too. Come on, designers, engineers, manufacturers, retailers, and whoever else is involved in this business. I want a vegetable peeler and a can opener that works. How hard is that?


Mary said…
I have the same problem: toasters that only toast 1/2 a slice of bread, can openers that don't work, and I pay a lot of money for them. Very frustrating.
SchnauzerMom said…
I know what you mean. They design things to break down and can't be fixed so that we have to buy new things all the time.

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