After being inspired by my friend Jen I decided to grow sprouts myself. I love sprouts but I'm not sure anyone else in the family does more than just tolerate them so they tend to go all slimy before we get to the last in the container. I also have a sneaking suspicion that the ones we buy from the supermarket are not always the freshest.

I know that sprouts have had some bad press over recent years with scares of E.Coli and other nasties, and certainly something like that is not to be taken lightly, but the truth is, if we had to account for every potential health risk, we'd never eat anything. Even tomatoes and berries are not as safe as we'd like to believe. (Apparently - although I was completely unaware of any health risk in eating any of the above. It seems that either the risk is unknown down here or we're just kept blissfully in the dark. When I started to do some research online I was surprised at the list of foods that one shouldn't eat. However many of these articles seemed to be extremely one-sided, even those that carried government endorsements of one kind or another. What is truth? as Pilate once asked.)

All this aside, I decided to grow some sprouts. After all, even for someone like me, it didn't seem too difficult a process. Soak. Drain. Rinse twice daily until sprouts emerged. Green in light. Refrigerate and enjoy. How hard was that? (I think I said the same thing about growing rhubarb and have come to the conclusion that we must be the only people in our area who cannot grow what essentially is a weed in many gardens. No matter. I don't like rhubarb anyway).

So I promptly got myself some lids to fit my glass jars and ordered seeds (organic seeds from a reputable source) and with loads of enthusiasm and optimism began to sprout seeds. Today I was excited to see small sprouts emerging. See?

It seems that I can grow something after all. I'm not completely skill-less when it comes to gardening. There was a whole list of reasons why seeds don't sprout on the bottom of the information sheet, so there must be some skill involved that I managed to get this far. Right?


SchnauzerMom said…
Home grown sprouts are bound to be better than what you get in the store.
Jen said…
Oh yay :)!!! I am so glad that they are working so well for you!! What kind of sprouting seeds did you get? I don't know if I have ever seen ones that big before! They look like they would be really good! Please do take a picture of the finished product, if you get a chance :). I'm so excited for you!!

P.S. I'm still trying to grow rhubarb. I planted it for the first time last year. Let's hope this "weed" grows like crazy!
Jules said…
Hi, SchnauzerMom, we tried our sprouts for the first time yesterday. Well worth the effort!

Jen, when I ordered my lids I received five sample packs. The ones shown are called "Stir fry combo" and consist of Adzuki, Chickpea, Lentil, Mung and Pea. They were yummy. I'm currently sprouting Organic Green Broccoli. After that I have High Health Combo (Green Broccoli, Red Cabbage and Black Mustard), Organic Alfafa, and Organic Red Cabbage to try. I like the idea of having combos and might experiment with a few of my own. Thanks for inspiring me to try this.
Jen said…
I have tried the mung beans before, and those were really good. I LOVE chickpeas, so I would imagine that their sprouts would be really good! It sounds like you got a fun pack to try! I do a mix right now, and also broccoli seeds. I haven't tried one yet that I don't like! I'm so glad it is working so well for you :).

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