The Only One?

Am I the only one who, when you comment on someone's blog, hates those little boxes that want you to prove that you're not a robot? You know the ones I'm talking about - where you have to type in the letters.

First ... they're not real words and for someone who dabbles in words this is rather disconcerting.

Two ... they’re written in a font that must have ‘blurry’ in its name. I spend half the time trying to figure out if that’s an 'n' or an 'r' followed by an 'i' and if the word ends with a letter or a number. (Are numbers allowed?)

Three … I get a message saying I’ve typed it in wrong. So? Can’t they see that the chances of a robot getting it even half right are pretty slim and just realise I’m human – at least some of the time – and let it go?

Four ... I hope my blog doesn't have this function. If it does, please let me know and I'll spend a couple of hours searching around in the blogger files that are never under what you expect them to be under and see if I can remove it. Or I could ask one of my sons. They could probably do it with their eyes shut.

Five ... my glasses (as in spectacles) are ready. I saw the optometrist last week after swallowing a hefty dose of denial and self-pride and yes my eyes have deteriorated due to ahem age-related factors. So I chose a pair of frames (whatever induced me to choose green ones I’ll never know – even if I did keep coming back to that pair – I just know that I'm going to hate them) and I'll pick them up tomorrow. Perhaps then I'll be able to make out the words on the printed page - and computer screen - rather than seeing this:

sdfg now vsalkn fgil ggmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


robin said…
Jen said…
Oh, I seriously know what you mean! I normally end up typing it more than once because they tell me I did it wrong! Your's doesn't ask me. Does my blog ask you to do that?
Jules said…
Hi Robin and Jen,

Mine doesn't do it anymore because Son#2 sent me a link telling me how to turn it off. I'd had it off on the old blogger interface but when blogger changed apparently the settings I had changed with it.

Jen I can't remember if yours has it or not. Here's the link to turn it off if you do:
busymomof10 said…
I'm with you totally! I have so much trouble reading the crazy letters and numbers and get so frustrated trying to enter it right that I often give up without commenting! That is why I took that off my blog!!!!

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