Twenty Nine

Today is our wedding anniversary. Somehow, despite five sons, numerous school events, family reunions and get-togethers, mortgages, jobs, moving countries, camping holidays, and well-meaning friends, we have managed to survive.

We visited our favourite cafe for breakfast. Thankfully, unlike a spouse, you can change cafes, and it's looking as if we will be doing so in the near future. Twice in the past month we have not been impressed with the food served. Sad, after enjoying so many meals there - especially anniversary and birthday breakfasts. It had become our cafe. Strangely, given the size of our town, there seems to be a cafe every few steps just about, so finding a new one shouldn't be too difficult. We don't expect much: inexpensive, great atmosphere, food that you want to linger over, a great cup of tea (or coffee in DH's case), good service, and preferably wooden tables and chairs (I hate plastic tables and chairs in a cafe). If there's a view, old architecture, and outdoor seating, even better.

A tall order? Perhaps. But isn't that how many of us enter marriage? Certainly, I was no exception. Thankfully, DH had his feet firmly planted on the ground, or we could have been in for some real trouble. As it is, he deserves a medal for making it this far with me.

I'm hoping to post an anniversary photo soon. We haven't taken one - are not in the habit of taking such photos - but I'd like to see if someone will play photographer for us today - even if it is windy and I'm having a bad hair day. In fact, it feels like a bad everything day.

Meanwhile, you'll have to be content with this photo. Strange, how when we were contemplating marriage and first married, whenever we pictured ourselves this far down the track we still expected to look the same way we did on our wedding day.

However, apart from the grey hair and the extra kilos, probably the only other things I would change would be my attitude (and I'd suspect that would be the case whether married or single), and to love more, laugh more, and stress less.

And here they are, the long awaited photos (ha ha):

The "official photo" (for want of any better):

The "we don't look too bad" photo:

And the "we're tired of smiling can you please just take it" photo:


Fox said…
Happy Anniversary! I think you two do look great! You haven't changed much at all from your photo! You should be proud! :) Prouder still of staying together and having such a wonderful family! May you celebrate many, many more anniversaries!
Ohtawen said…
Wow. Just seeing the title of the post and realizing what it's about, made me go wow. Congratulations to you Jules, and to your husband. I know I probably sound like a broken record, but it's so great to see such a devoted couple have such an enduring marriage. It really instills hope and optimism in me.

And I liked all of the photos :)
Sharlene said…
Congratulations! What a blessing you have been given! The pictures are lovely.