Two Out of Three

I wanted to do three things before my son's wedding.

One: Find an outfit. Which I did with many fears and a few tears. I'm still not sure I like it or look good in it but it's too late to worry about that now.

Two: Finish a quilt for Son#3 and his bride. Which I also did after foregoing non-essential activities such as sleeping, eating, etc. (I exaggerate. It wasn't quite that bad but at times it came close to it.)

Three: Lose weight and look gorgeous. Which I didn't do despite a lot of effort (or so I thought) and a visit to the hairdresser at the last minute where I expected her to perform miracles.

Ah well. Two out of three ain't bad. And for the last one, there's always Photoshop.


Sharlene said…
I am sure that you will look lovely at the wedding. You looked lovely at the others. The quilt is gorgeous! It makes me want to make one, but I have neither the time or the patience.

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