Every parent has had it happen to them: they've just gotten through telling how their child always sleeps through the night / eats everything on their plate / never gets sick and then the darling goes and does the opposite of the boast.

I find myself in a similar situation. I've spent the past few days boasting that I never get sun burnt and reminding the guys to put on sunscreen when they've been out concreting and then I go and get sun burnt.

How did that happen?

Well, I know how it happened. Yesterday when the guys decided to take the kayaks out to the beach DIL#3 and I decided to take the 'scenic route' - i.e. walk 6 km along the beach to meet them. A few minutes or so into the walk DIL#3 asked me if I thought we'd made the right decision.

No. But there was no turning back. If we had, we would have had to walk almost as far home, or twice as far by road to meet up. At least on the beach there was no traffic. But there was a headwind that blew sand into our faces, and the sand wasn't particularly firm which made walking difficult. On the plus side, it was rather scenic, even if we didn't lift our eyes from our feet for most of the walk!

I wasn't the only one burnt, but obviously the worst as others slathered on the shea butter as soon as they got home and their redness had disappeared by morning. Not mine.

Oh well, At least it gives me an excuse to stay inside and pull out the quilt I was working on almost a year ago and look at what needs to be appliqued and pieced. Meanwhile I'll keep slathering on the shea butter and hope that eventually I stop looking like something that has just been pulled out of the deep fryer.

And since we were so intent on getting to our destination yesterday and didn't stop to take any photos (which I'm regretting now), I'll share these ones that Son#3 took when we went for a walk along the river bank a few evenings ago.



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