Lots Of Ends

Today, I really wasn't feeling all that great, but knowing that guilt would plague me if I didn't do something "constructive", I decided to weave in a whole lot of yarn tails on the latest blanket that I'm working on while, at the same time, binging on some family-friendly shows.

Certainly, not my favourite job but now four blocks are completely done and the plan is to weave in ends each time I finish another block. I can pretty much guarantee that I won't meet that particular goal because the original plan when I started knitting the first block was to weave in as I finished a block and I kept putting it off.

It's not that I mind the sewing. After all, I enjoy patchwork and other crafts that involve a needle and thread. No, it's more that I hate the furry feeling of the yarn when I wet it to thread it. I'm sure there's an easy way around that - I'm just too lazy to change from the way I've always done it.

It's also rather monotonous. Hence the binge-watching of a favourite TV series.

I'm not sure what is so addictive about knitting blankets. Like socks, it is something I thought I'd never get in to. But I love the process of using up scraps or recycled wool. This time a lot of yarn came from some garments that I unraveled (since no one wears them any more and the yarn was still in fantastic condition) - from hats, to scarves, to jumpers. Some held special memories and it feels good to give them a new lease of life where they will again be seen and appreciated.

I also enjoy seeing how the colours work together since I hold three strands of yarn together when I knit. There are some ugly yarns in the mix and some not-so-great-hand-dyed yarns that are not worthy of any other project but I dare you to spot them. Sometimes it's the ugly yarn that adds "zing" to the other two that it's combined with.

I'd really like time to poke around a second hand store one day and see if I can find some knitted projects that could be utilised in such a fashion. It could be fun to unravel someone's old project and give it new life. However, despite this best of intentions, yesterday I went out and bought two balls of fingering yarn (4 ply) and 3 balls of light worsted (8 ply) to add to my basket, which I'm hoping will be enough for me to finish the blanket.

I'm not sure what I'll do when I finish this blanket ... I doubt I'll have any leftovers once it's done ... I guess I could always get motivated to do some poking (around op shops), laundering (of found knitted article), unravelling (of the garment) and winding (into new balls) and start another one.

Only time will tell.