Also known as Week Four of Renovations Round Three.

The fact that there is little visible progress happening on our renovation no longer seems important. Today, Father's Day here in New Zealand, DH and I decided to go for a drive. What should have been a shortish drive turned into one of long queues and interminable waits. At least one family's Father's Day celebrations were interrupted and forever after there will be at least one empty chair at their table.

Sobering thoughts and sobering being so up close to the scene. It makes me thankful for today and for each family member and for every moment we have together.

Anything else seems inconsequential in comparison. Yet because I've started progress reports, I'll post some photos (where it will be obvious that there really has not been any measure-able progress - although I have been assured that it's happening behind the scenes).

And a few pics to prove that now that Spring has sprung we were able to get outside and tidy up the garden. (Only for one day, mind, as it is raining yet again.) And naturally I am extremely thankful to DH for pruning my roses yet again.