Light and Colour

Also known as Week Nine of Renovations Round Three. Or the week the most obsservable progress was made and then it all came to a standstill.

After weeks of barely being able to measure the what has been happening in our front rooms (although we knew it was happening) there has suddenly been an upsurge in apparent progress. And, amazingly, most of it in just two days.

In one week we went from this ...

to this ...

We now have windows (what bliss!) and I love, love this colour on the walls (it doesn't photograph well but is a soft blue-grey with a touch of green) and the way it makes the stained glass windows glow. I'm not sure if the painter is coming back to do the last coat and finish off all the woodwork (I'm assuming this will get done in the coming week) but our builder will be in absentia for a while. A job that was booked pre our renovation work is now calling his name and we have to be patient and wait for his [eventual] return.

Sigh. Patience has never been one of my virtues.