The Bible says that the Lord places the lonely in families and I certainly believe that family is very very precious. Here is a brief overview of my amazing family.

In January 1984 my husband and I were married and despite all my faults, we still are! We have five wonderful sons who are growing up into fine godly men.

Our eldest son is married with three absolutely gorgeous daughters. As I see my granddaughters I appreciate more than ever before the ties that bind families together. There is something special about seeing characteristics of their Daddy in their looks and personality and it makes me wonder how my grandparents felt when they looked on me.

Our second son is also married and recently presented us with another beautiful granddaughter. As a parent, it is so exciting to see your children taking into their marriages the lessons they've learnt at your knees.

Our other three sons are at university and still single. I'm not at all biased when I say they are exceptionally handsome and outstanding young men (just like their brothers). All requests for introductions can be sent via my blog!

2012 DH and I will be back where we started: just the two of us. As I write this, we haven't yet fully comprehended what this will mean for us as a couple, as individuals and as a family. It's certainly going to be a new adventure. I enjoyed so much those years when our children were all at home. If I could go back in time I’d chose the years when my children were all little and I had the honour and privilege of teaching them and training them. Of course, my job isn’t finished yet but it’s different to those early precious years.

Until recently I did not post photos of my family on my blog. I've changed my personal policy on this but still try to protect their privacy. You will have noticed that I don't use their given names and this is why. However I'm sure you are still able to catch a glimpse into their character and our family life from what I share.

If you're interested in reading more about my family, follow the link in the sidebar under labels.

What does the future hold for our family? Hopefully more beautiful daughters-in-law; more precious grandchildren; and a family that is too big to sit comfortably around our dinner table!