A Glimpse of God's Handiwork

I live in a beautiful country. I'm not a native of this country and I sorely miss my own country at times, but I can appreciate the beauty of this place that God has created. I hope you enjoy some of the images that I share of this beautiful place (and for LOTR fans I'm sure you'll appreciate anew the awesome scenery that was the backdrop to the film).


Jen said…
Oh wow, how beautiful! I am a huge LOTR fan, and was in complete awe of the scenery in the movies. What an amazing place for you to live!
SchnauzerMom said…
WOW! I love those photos. Such a beautiful country.
Jules said…
They are pretty awesome. I'm not a huge LOTR fan but one son is and recently we had friends visit who also had a son who was a big fan so we took them around and showed them some of the places that were used in the film. Our God is an awesome Creator!

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