Hair Care

Okay, you might be wondering why I'm including haircare in my blog. This is my blog and I'll cry if I want to. No, this is my blog and I'm a long-haired gal and it's part of 'me'. If you're not interested there are other posts to read (but I can't promise that they'll be as interesting or exciting as this one)!

There's a lot more to caring for long hair than our shorter-haired counterparts realise. This is a quick run-down of my current routine.

I do what I call a 'full wash' once a week - usually on Saturday. The night before I wash I oil my hair with a mix of oils. At the moment that mix includes coconut, olive, almond, apricot and avocado. Usually I wouldn't mix so many oils but the avocado was an experiment and I have a whole bottle of apricot oil to use up because my hair didn't like it. I would usually just use coconut, olive and almond. By applying oils the night before washing it doesn't matter if they make my hair a little greasy or crunchy - I'm going to be washing them out anyway. Come wash time, I wet my hair down, apply diluted shampoo to the scalp only, rinse and repeat (I've been using herbal tea to dilute the shampoo but am thinking that it could be too conditioning and the reason I've been getting oilier more quickly so next time I'm just going to use boiled tap water). As the shampoo is rinsed out of my hair it cleanses the length. I then apply a small amount of conditioner and leave it for a few minutes, then rinse. I finish up with a diluted vinegar rinse: about 1-2 tbs vinegar to 3-4 cups warm water. It removes any residue soap and hard water build-up and leaves the hair shiny and soft.

I wrap my hair in a towel and air dry. Occasionally I'll use a hairdryer on my fringe (bangs) but not very often and never on my length.

If this sounds like a time consuming process, it is, but I only do it once a week. During the rest of the week, I do what is known as a scalp wash. This is just what is sounds like: washing the scalp only. It's the scalp that gets oily and dirty quickest - the length stays relatively clean. I have two favourite methods for scalp washing:

Method 1: My preferred method when showering and which owes a lot to Martine's scrunchi-bun wash. Take an old sports sock (one that’s not too thin and has a bit of ‘stretch’) and cut the toe out. Roll up to form a ring. Pull hair into a pony tail (you can use a scrunchi or hair-safe elastic but it’s not necessary) and place the sock ring over the pony. Wrap hair as for a bun and place on top of the sock. Cover with a shower cap (the disposable ones that come in colour kits or are in motels work well – just don’t dispose of them!) and tuck the edges under the sock. Cover with another shower cap (an ordinary one this time is best) and secure with a scrunchi (don’t bother tucking the edge under the bun this time). Shampoo as usual under the shower. Voila! Clean scalp hair and dry length.

Method 2: For over the bath, in the bath, under the kitchen/laundry tap (faucet). Braid hair. I prefer to do a French or Dutch Braid because less hair escapes the braid which results in less tangles. Tuck the braid out of the way (inside a shirt is great or under a towel draped around the shoulders), wet the scalp hair, shampoo, rinse, and repeat if desired.

I usually scalp wash every second or third day. I've started using herbal teas between washes to condition the hair and because I find damp hair easier to put up in a bun. I figure that if I'm going to wet it I might as well wet it with something other than plain water. Most herbal teas I make by placing a few sprigs of the chosen herb in a mug and covering with boiling water. I will leave it for a varying amount of time - anything from until it's just cool enough to use to an hour to overnight.

I also oil my hair 3-4 times a week using almond oil. I divide my hair in half, place just 1-2 drops of almond oil in my palm and smooth down my length. Repeat for the other side. Finish up with a boar bristle brush to distribute the oils. I've tried other oils such as jojoba, coconut, olive, apricot, and avocado but I keep coming back to almond. It's what works best for me but everyone is different.


Daisy said…
Hi Jules!! I just seen that you started a new blog! I thought I would post a little "hello" and be your first commenter! I don't think commenter is an acutal word, but I just made it one!
Jules said…
Thanks Daisy. I didn't expect anyone to visit so soon. It was kind of you to leave a comment. You're my first "commenter"!