Love and Romance

I'm always fascinated with other couples' stories of how they met. My own story isn't particularly unusual but it is our story and consequently is special to us.

DH and I met when I was in my last year at secondary school. I was just 17 years old; he was 23. I’d just broken up with a boy I’d dated for over 2 years and I was heart-sore and disillusioned with men and life (yes, at 17!). I’d made the decision to finish school then do my nursing before getting involved again.

But things changed.

I met DH at a church youth group camp that I didn’t attend! DH had gone for the weekend, but I’d just gone along for a few hours on the Saturday afternoon as I’d had too much study to go for the whole weekend. I’ll never know how I found the courage to go up and introduce myself to the shy young man I’d noticed off to the side (perhaps I’d sensed his gentle and caring spirit), for in those days I was even shier that I am now, but I'm not sorry that I made the effort!

DH was doing his ‘OE’ (Overseas Experience) and spending some time with his sister and BIL who had moved to Australia several years earlier and who attended our church. I'd known DH's sister and BIL for a few years but never dreamed that we would one day be related through marriage!

DH’s holiday was only for 3 months, but he extended it to 6, and then even longer. It was 6 years before he returned to New Zealand for a holiday and another 7 after that before we moved here permanently!

One year after meeting we were engaged, and 10 months later we were married. One year, one week, and one day later our first son was born.

We’ve now been married for over 24 years. How time flies! We’ve had our ups and downs – as most couples do – but we’ve stayed together and come out stronger and richer for the experience. DH is my best friend and I thank God for giving him to me.

This photo was taken at my High School Formal (probably a little like a ‘Prom’). I’ve had people tell me how young I look in this photo – well I was: I was not quite 18 – but I’ve also been blessed with good genes. My mother and my maternal grandmother always looked a lot younger than their age and I guess I’m the same. It’s always been one of my favourite photos of the two of us together. My mum refers to it as our engagement photo but it was actually taken 5 months before we became engaged (we don't actually have an engagement photo as my mum collapsed the day we announced our engagement - but that's another story). However, I suspect the writing was on the wall for everyone to see well before then!


SchnauzerMom said…
That's a lovely story, thanks for sharing. Beautiful photo of you two. My DH and I met at church too!
Daisy said…
Oh Jules you look so sweet. That's a precious picture. I agree with SM ... that is a romantic love story!
April said…
What a nice story, Jules. You and your husband are a beautiful couple - and I bet you still are. I envy your long history together; that is so wonderful.
Jen said…
Look how beautiful you are! What a wonderful story. I'm glad you shared that.