When It Rains ...

... it hails. Well it can do. Especially in NZ when the weather turns cold and nasty as it did today. We had hail. Not a lot but enough to let us know that it was going to be pretty miserable outside.

This was one thing I had trouble getting my head around when we moved from Australia. There we had hailstorms in summer when it was hot and humid; here we have them when the temperature drops. Usually quite quickly. Brrr!

I tried to tell myself that I could be excused for not walking today but then the sky cleared for a few moments and I decided to make the most of my small 'window of opportunity'. I donned jacket and hat and gloves, put a lead on Kielsie (our beautiful gold and white Border Collie) and took off for a walk.

Last week I bought myself a new jacket because I am so tired of always being miserable in the cold. This jacket is water-proof and wind-proof and sooooo warm and cosy. It has a hood and a high collar and today when I tucked my chin inside the collar I could almost forget that there was an icy wind blowing and that I was absolutely insane to be out walking in this!

I'm not the only one feeling miserable. The boys were planning to go to the movies to see Prince Caspian but decided to stay inside where it's nice and warm. And who can blame them? Not me!