First Time

There's always a first time for everything! Tonight I lit the fire. By myself. And without any kindling. And there's still some paper left in the house! It was either that or freeze.

DH and sons have gone hunting. They're after fallow deer but so far this week haven't had success so I'm not holding my breath. Last night DH asked me if I wanted to go, adding that I could hide my face and cover my ears if they spotted any game.

DH knows that I prefer to buy my meat in little square packets in the supermarket that bear little resemblance to any animal. The more square the package the better. While I don't mind that DH and sons enjoy hunting, I prefer not to be acquainted with the grizzly details. Same when they go out to DIL's parents' farm to butcher lamb.

I asked DH if he really wanted me to go with them or if he was just asking because he was feeling guilty. The grin on his face told me everything.

I opted to stay home and told him that I'd clean the house. "Is that a threat?" he joked. I know my family think I love housework because I do so much of it, but someone has to do it!

So today I've made apricot loaves, fruit bread in the breadmaker, cleaned the house (even braved my sons' bedrooms), gone for a walk, washed my hair (just because my men are going to return dirty and grotty doesn't mean I have to look the same), put chicken and vegetables in the oven for tea (dinner/supper), and lit the fire (I'm so proud of that little accomplishment). And shortly I get to babysit The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World. Oh no! I think I hear my men returning. I'm gonna have to share.


SchnauzerMom said…
I agree with you. I like to eat meat but I really don't want all the details about where it comes from. I guess if I was starving I could kill and butcher an animal. But, I'm not starving. Sounds like you had a plesant day.