God Created

The Bible tells us that "in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1:1). I don't have a problem with this. It says God 'said' and it happened. I believe it. I don't need Gap Theory or Long Ages or anything else to explain what happened. I already know. God said and it was so. By His word the earth was created.

I guess I'm what is known as a young earth creationist. I don't have a problem with this either. I believe the earth is roughly 6000 years old. I believe that Adam and Eve were the first humans to walk this earth. I believe that death entered the world only when Adam and Eve sinned.

That's one of the problems with the Gap Theory: that God used evolution to create the world (as if He didn't have the power to do it unless He enlisted 'help' from evolution; as if He couldn't just speak and it happened; as if our God is not a BIG God). If you believe in the Gap Theory then you have to believe that suffering and death entered the world before sin and not as a punishment for sin. That's because evolution uses the fossil record to explain the appearance of different species. But if you believe in a God that created in seven days then you probably also believe that the fossil record was laid down by a world-wide flood.

Before you roll your eyes in disbelief I will also state that yes I believe in Noah's flood. And I'm not the only one. Down through the ages Christians have believed the Scriptures and the greatest authority on earth - Jesus Christ Himself - also believed in a literal seven-day Creation and Noah's flood. If He believed then why do so many Christians doubt?

Is it because we're afraid of being accused of leaving our brains at the church door? I consider myself an intelligent person and I believe that Christianity is not incompatible with science. You see, we all have the same evidence available to us but it's the way we interpret it that differs. Evolutionists see the fossil record and immediately think long ages. They use carbon dating to back their theories up but do you know that such dating methods are based on assumptions first? Many dating methods give a range of dates and evolutionists reject those that are too 'young'. Creationists do a similar thing - reject ages that are too 'old' and accept those that fall within their theories. Neither side was present at the beginning of the earth so neither side can prove that their theory is the correct one.

Except that the God of the Bible was present in the beginning and He has told us in His Word how the earth was created. In seven twenty-four-hour days. By the word of His mouth. He spoke and it was so. And I believe it.


SchnauzerMom said…
I totally agree with you!!! Personally I think it takes more "faith" to believe in evolution than to believe the Bible. I look all around me and see God's handiwork, not evolution. God is a fact, evolution is a guess.
Jules said…
Well evolution really is just another religion. It does take faith to believe we came from nothing especially when you start to delve into the complexity of cells. So many factors have to be right and in place for them to work that there's no way they could have just evolved. The problem though in admitting that evolution doesn't have the answers means that you have to look elsewhere and a lot of people don't want to admit that there is a God.
Trish said…
Greetings from upstate NY, USA. Amen-I totally agree with you also! BTW-I'm Shepherdess from the LHL-just found your blog. We're a lot alike-Christian pre-school teachers who like to knit, etc (and like long hair also)! I'm about 10 years older than you though, lol.
Jules said…
Hi Trish, thanks for stopping by. It's wonderful to meet others that have similar interests. I know Christians that still try to hang onto evolution and fit it into the Bible (forgetting that the Bible is God-inspired and that if a theory doesn't fit it's better to change the theory then try and change God's Word) so I was expecting some opposition to this post. I don't particularly want to be controversial but this is something I'm passionate about and believe in. Anyway, what's the use of having a blog if I can't write about what's important to me?
Jen said…
We saw a movie in theaters called "Expelled" with Ben Stein. I don't know if that movie came to NZ or not. Excellent movie about how it takes more faith to believe in evolution than creation. It amazes me that people believe in evolution. I certainly don't want to believe that I came from a monkey!! How degrading is that?! I love that our wonderful Creator made us so unique and complex. Only a marvelous Creator could do that, not some random big bang.