Hair Recipe

After discovering that my hair loves hydrolysed soy protein (recent post) I was reminded of a recipe I copied out two years ago. I went searching and found it without too much trouble. Here it is:

1 cup pure water
1 teaspoon each of herbs of choice
1 scoop powdered soy protein

Bring the water to the boil (in a non-aluminium saucepan) and add the herbs. Turn off the stove and allow the herbs to steep for six hours. Strain and discard the herbs. Add the protein powder, stirring until well mixed. Store in a plastic squeeze bottle. To use, apply to wet hair and leave for at least three minutes before rinsing off.

I've not tried this but I'm wondering if an easier way would be to pour boiling water from a jug or kettle over the herbs, cover with plastic wrap and leave for six hours. This is how I make my herbal tea to dilute my shampoo and it works fine.

I have rosemary and lavender growing wild in my garden at the moment (I need a nice sunny day so that I can get out there and do some pruning and tidying up) so the herbs aren't a problem. And I think I can get soy protein powder in the supermarket although I am a little concerned about using it after my experiment with a flour pack a year or so ago (trust me, you don't want to try that one!). Now all I need to do is find pure water. In my home-town? Not likely!