In The Round

I heard today that Son#2 finally received his parcel (this post) so now I can post about the jumper I knitted for him in under two weeks (I didn't want to post before he received the parcel because he didn't know about the jumper and I didn't want to spoil the surprise). I've never knitted anything so quickly before but the fact that it was 14ply wool (chunky) certainly had a lot to do with it.

Actually I started knitting the jumper for Son#3 and when I realised how quickly it was coming together I ordered more wool to knit one for Son#2. But when the jumper was finished I got Son#5 to try it on. It fitted fine. Ditto for Son#4 (pictured here). But when DH tried it on he felt it was a snug fit and that the next size up would be a better fit for Son#3.

So I sent the jumper off to Son#2 and when the order of wool finally arrived started knitting for Son#3. I hope there's no hard feelings! I'm just not convinced that I've chosen the best colours to do Son#3's - but then I often worry about colours and patterns and stuff like that and it turns out okay in the end. The problem is, I won't really know if it's any good until I've started knitting up the yoke and by then most of the jumper will have been completed and I won't want to undo it and start again. Ooh, I just hope it's right and that he likes it and that he wears it because he likes it and not because he feels he has to because I knitted it.

Son#4 says there's nothing wrong with the colours. I've told Sons#4 and #5 (Son#4 was very reluctant to part with the jumper I knitted for Son#2) that God-willing I will knit for them next year.

The jumper is supposed to be knitted in the round. It's a technique that I enjoy but it gives a garment a look that is, well, round. So I changed it a little. I knitted the body as two separate parts (back and front) and the sleeves back and forth, but the yoke is knitted in the round. I feel this produces a garment that sits better and doesn't shift around so much. It did mean that I still had sewing to do which wouldn't have been the case if I'd knitted it as per instructions. But I'm pleased with how the jumper turned out and can't wait to start the next one. And the next one. And the next one ...


Jen said…
What a beautiful sweater Jules! You have such talent. I hope I can get to be that good at knitting some day!
SchnauzerMom said…
Wow I love the sweater. That pattern is so pretty (can I say pretty for a guy's sweater?)
Jules said…
I liked it too but not too sure Son#2 does. It took him 2 days to let me know the parcel had arrived and that was only after I'd asked him if he'd received it. But then again, perhaps it wasn't a priority for him. Oh well. Perhaps if I see him wearing it I'll know he doesn't hate it.

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