Missing a Vital Gene

I'm not sure when it dawned on me that I'm not like other women. Perhaps it was during my teen years when my sister was so interested in fashion and hairstyles and I couldn't care less.

Perhaps it came later when my youngest son started school and I felt so different to all the other mothers with their short sleek bobs and up-to-date clothes. Or perhaps it didn't really hit me until I realised that other women enjoy shopping. I mean they actually enjoy it!

But if I ever had any doubts these were dispelled a few weeks ago when we attended a church camp and had to share bathroom facilities. As I stood in the bathroom brushing out my hair I watched as one woman applied eyebrow pencil. It was then that I truly realised that I am different. Vastly different. I've never ever applied eyebrow pencil let alone owned one!

And it didn't stop there. A few hours later several of the women decided to go into town shopping. Now our town with it's three blocks of shops lining the main street is not exactly your shopping paradise (and I like it that way) so I guess I can understand a little that they were attracted to the bigger shops that were nearby. But what surprised me was the number of women that wanted to spend a perfectly beautiful Saturday morning roaming the shops when they could be sitting outside soaking up the gorgeous sunshine.

I admitted it then. I'm different. I hate shopping. I loathe it. I cannot think of anything worse. There's something wrong with me. Perhaps I'm missing some vital female gene? I must be or else I'd be like other women.

I don't know what it is that makes me hate shopping so much: the crowds? not being able to buy exactly what I can picture in my mind? the trying on of clothes in tiny change rooms with bad lighting? the decisions?

I don't know. But I do know that I've taken to online shopping with a vengeance! No waiting in lines, no trying on garments in cramped conditions, no pressure from sales persons, no walking from shop to shop ... the list goes on.

And then there's the excitement of a parcel arriving at the door. This week, I've experienced that excitement several times. Now if I could just do all my shopping online I'd be happy.


bunches of yarn said…
Good morning Jules:
I absolutely agree with you about 'shopping genes' Never had liked shopping.
Glad your new combs are working well for you. And, congrats on your new growth. ^__^
SchnauzerMom said…
I only like shopping if I have a lot of money to spend. Just looking can be boring. My DH actually likes shopping more than me. Roses are my favorite flower. I guess I should try and grow one.
Jules said…
The original post contained photos of recent items bought online: a bone comb and a Mason Pearson comb, a chronological Bible, and bare-rooted roses. I decided to delete the photos and accompanying text but have left the comments (hence this explanation).