Recycling Part 2

After years of sitting in the bottom of my wardrobe, I finally undid this jumper (jersey, sweater, knitted pullover, depending on what part of the world you live in) that I'd knitted 25 years ago, washed the wool, and wound it around chairs to dry. After several days of not being able to use our dining chairs (if you know me in real life and you're reading this blog don't laugh and don't give the secret away) it was dry enough for me to wind into balls. Then I went shopping for some more wool to make a jumper. But alas, 12 ply wool (in some places known as 'Aran' although this is open to interpretation) isn't readily available anymore. So I had to do a rethink. I knew I had enough wool for a jumper for a child but not for an adult (even a small adult) so I decided to knit for my granddaughter.

I've started it (the blue and white piece in the photo) but am going to undo it and start again as I'm not happy with the tension. Usually I have to knit on needles a size bigger than recommended but I tried that and the tension was too loose. I tried the needles specified and I'm still not happy with the look. I wonder if it's possible that I stretched the wool or something in the washing and winding process? Anyway, I'm going to try knitting it on needles a size smaller. I learnt years ago how to design a jumper from scratch and get it to fit, so working out the number of stitches needed isn't going to be a problem. I guess this is why all those knitting patterns tell you to knit a tension/gauge square first, but I rarely bother because I'm so impatient to get started on the 'real' knitting.

On another recycling note, Son#5 wanted a knitted vest (sleeveless pullover) as he can wear them under jackets and have the warmth without the bulk. We found some jumpers in his room that were too short in the arm but still fitted around the body. I removed the sleeves, unwound the wool, then knitted up bands around the armholes and for about an hour's work he had the vest he wanted.

Can you see that knitting bag hiding in the background? It's getting so much use. When I couldn't get the wool I wanted, I chose instead a 14ply wool (also known as 'Chunky'). I'm knitting a jumper for Son#3 and have already done the back and sleeve and I started less than a week ago! I think I could get hooked on using chunky wool and large needles. It's so fast!

I love using wool. It wears so well, is so warm, and lasts for years. A jacket I knitted for DH when we were going out together is now being worn by Son#5. It has a few stains but otherwise is still in good condition and is great for around the house and yard. Wool is more expensive, but for me personally worth it, especially if I stick to those designs that never go out of fashion as I'm going to be wearing the garment for years and years and years and years and ...


SchnauzerMom said…
I like using big needles too, things get done faster! I never make one of those gauge things either, probably should but I'm too impatient.
Jen said…
What a great way to recycle things you no longer use! I am so impressed! I would really love to learn to knit a sweater. I have done scarves, but that is about it. Maybe someday I will try and figure it out, or have someone teach me.
bunches of yarn said…
What a great idea. I have recycled sweaters before but have not done so in a long time.
We have the same (same) chairs you do. Ours are a bit darker wood.
Glad to see that someone else has good taste. (our children are tired of the 'same old' chairs, but to me, they are a 'classic' look that will never go out of style. ^__^

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