Spring is on its Way

I love the miracle of Spring time as the days begin to warm and there are surprises to be found everywhere as tiny buds unfurl to become leaves and flowers.

I had one such surprise last week. I was standing in my kitchen and looking out the window at the hedge (for no particular reason other than it's opposite my window and the view is better than looking at my neighbours' properties) when I noticed white blossom on spindly stick branches that I'd never seen before. We often get seedlings popping up in our hedge but they either die or are pulled out. But this one had survived (I obviously haven't done any weeding for a while) and had burst into blossom. I went for a closer look and had another surprise. It appeared to be a plum tree!

Now it doesn't take a genius to work out how it got there. My first guess is that one of the men in my house threw his plum pip in there sometime in the distant past rather than put it in the compost or the rubbish. My second guess is that a bird dropped it - either way I now have a plum tree growing in my hedge that I'm going to watch with interest.

Can you see the tiny white blossoms against the green background? They look almost like sunlight in the photo. When I compared the blossom to that on the tree in the top photo it was the same so I'm pretty confident it is another plum tree. I'll be waiting to see if we get any plums. Our existing plum tree gives us a wonderful harvest each summer - if the birds don't get to them first.

Spring also means daffodils and our daffodils are bravely facing the chilly mornings and emerging from their winter homes. The lovely girl Son#2 is courting loves daffodils. They're her favourite flower. It's her birthday this weekend and I made her a small daffodil quilt to go in with her present. I also had Fox from The Long Hair Loom make up a daffodil dangle stick to go with the quilt.

The stick is so dainty and exquisite. The photo doesn't really do it justice. Here are some more photos of the same items:

I won't be sorry to see Winter end. I'm not a cold weather person. I hate the wind and the rain and freezing cold days. I do love looking out and seeing the mountain covered with snow but I'll be able to see that for a few months yet while enjoying warmer weather. I'm Australian and like a lot of Australians I love the sun and the heat of Summer. So roll on Spring and Summer: I'm ready!


SchnauzerMom said…
I'm ready to swap places with you, I'm looking forward to cooler weather. Great photos, that little tree looks so pretty. The quilt and hair stick are gorgeous. She is a lucky young lady.
Jen said…
Beautiful pictures! And a beautiful hairstick too! It is amazing to me that Spring is coming your way, and we are just getting into fall :).