Uninvited Guests

We have uninvited guests.

Lots of them.

In the kitchen.

I'm ashamed to admit it but we have ants.

We never had a problem with ants inside in Australia. We had the big Green Ants and the Bush Ants and the Honey Ants that could all give a nasty sting, but they stayed outside where they belonged. The only time we ever had the small black house ants inside the house was when one son hid his Christmas candy stick under his bed! Once the candy stick was gone so were the ants.

But here it's a different story. We often have ants inside despite diligent house cleaning. In fact, I suspect that they actually like the orange-oil in the cleanser that I use to clean down benchtops and other surfaces because they just keep on coming.

I've blamed the boys for not being meticulous in cleaning up food messes in the kitchen but when I've taken over the task these guests still keep coming. They don’t congregate in the pantry or the cupboard with the rubbish and compost bins or any place where food is kept – just around the sink. DH wants me to stop wiping them up so that he can see where they go but I just want them gone.



April said…
Lol! I can laugh because we had little black ants for two summers and it was so annoying. Mainly they would march in a looong single line from the back door to the dry cat food. We fixed that problem and then they headed somewhere else. We finally stopped them at their entrance, but noticed them on the THIRD floor (counting the basement) in the bathroom. We still don't know what they wanted there - or how they got in! But we got rid of them and haven't had them come back for two years now.(We left their little ant carcasses out for awhile hoping they might tell a tale of woe to any who might attempt to come calling).

Good luck with getting rid of them!
Jen said…
We used to get ants all the time when we lived in the country, no matter how well I cleaned. They just seem to find their way in! The only way we could get rid of them is to spray nasty chemicals around the house. It worked, but it took awhile. So I feel for you! I hope you are able to get rid of them soon.
SchnauzerMom said…
Well if I had to choose between ants and roaches I think I'd take the ants. The black ants here seem to like the sink area too. I wonder why?
mermayd said…
Coming from an "ant area" where EVERYBODY gets them and we've had pest control professionals explain how to control them. . . I'll share my experience with you.

Ants are NOT always after food. They sometimes are after water (which would explain the sink) and they sometimes just like to get out of the heat (which is why you might be more likely to see them in hot weather).

The best control is to spray OUTSIDE - around the perimeter of the house (to prevent them coming in) and the fenceline (if you have a fence) and along porches/sidewalks along the grassy areas. In other words, you can allow them to live in the grass and plants, just prevent them from crossing over onto the cement areas and house. It sometimes takes diligent inspection (every day in hot weather) and having spray handy to zap them as soon as you see them.

Once they DO get in, spraying them will upset the colony, and they can often split into more than one colony and you can make the problem worse! If you get them inside, the trick is to find the trail . . . see where they are coming IN and use bait. They will bring the bait back to the next and destroy the entire colony.

I hope this helps!