Eve, Fruit, and Laundry

When Eve ate the fruit did she have any idea that she was condemning future generations of women to doing laundry? Before then, doing laundry was unheard of. Sometimes, I wish it still was.

Today is one of those gorgeous sunny days that you often get before Winter well and truly sets in. I have two loads of washing hanging on the clothes line. That was the easy part.

The hard part will be getting them off the line, folding and sorting the clothes and getting them put away. I doubt I'll get to the last step.

Why is it that the laundry seems never ending?

I work in a centre that is one of five. Our little particular area is the only one that has a washing machine and clothes dryer. Yep, you guessed it, we do all the laundry for all the centres. And there's piles and piles of it! Sometimes the washing machine and dryer are going all day long. And when all that laundry is dry, it all has to be folded - just like at home. Sometimes I joke that I go to work to do the chores I don't like doing at home.

And don't get me on to the topic of ironing. I know there are some poor misguided souls out there that actually enjoy ironing - I'm not one of them. But I do it because I can't stand to see my family in wrinkled clothes. I'm trying to train some of them to do their own ironing but they certainly don't have my aversion to wrinkles. I wonder if that's just a ploy to get me to keep on doing it for them? You'd think by now I would've woken up to such tricks but I'm obviously a slow learner!

I like to keep the laundry up to date. Son#3 now, he prefers to bring out a whole load of washing on Saturday morning, just after I think I've finished all the washing for the day. Other sons have been known to throw clean clothes out to be washed rather than fold them and put them away in their drawers. Thankfully none are like my father who used to hide socks and underwear behind the sofa cushions - items that we usually found when we had guests. How my mother survived, I'll never know!

Eve had it easy. All she had to worry about was a couple of animal skins. When did we make it so hard for ourselves?


SchnauzerMom said…
I'm lucky Dh does the ironing around here!
justme27 said…
Oh that's a very true statement. It's Eve's fault that we've had to wear clothes and do laundry all these years....
Sharon said…
I'm with you. No clothing would sure simplify life.
Civilla said…
He-he! I have a son who refuses to wear anything 2 days in a row -- even jeans that have not gotten dirty or sweaty. He will hide them under his bed and things like that! Grrr!

And, for some reason, I LOVE ironing -- very relaxing! You've got it: I'm warped!
simplebeauty said…
Oh I have to say that I just pretend I don't see the wrinkles ;O) Mainly I love doing laundry, however I have always strongly disliked matching sock and folding them and putting them away!

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