I Dreamt Last Night

that my books had arrived and that I was getting myself into an awful mess trying to send out the orders (not that there have been any orders yet - I haven't even made my website - still under construction - public knowledge even though it's available for anyone willing to search).

However, soon this may be more than just a dream. It may be reality.

I've had an email today from my publisher. The books are back from the printers and they're shipping them to me today. For anyone who has ordered these books and been waiting for months this is good news.

It's good news anyway. At least for me.


Hi, Jules. If you have gotten any nasty comments from "me", please ignore and delete them. Somebody has stolen my picture and an article and made a mirror/parody blog that looks exactly like mine and is going around leaving filthy comments in "my" name. Just delete it. Mary.
SchnauzerMom said…
Soon it won't be a dream, it will be reality!
Jen said…
Yay!! This is so exciting!!!
Congrats! I've had many dreams concerning all the issues that can happen with a published book. :P

When you get your website up, please tell me. I'd love to see it. I put together one a few months before my book came out, but my brother (who is a professional webdesigner)took a few looks and decided to totaly redesign the whole thing. LOL
Just one more thing the modern writer has to deal with. ;)

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