One Day He'll Like It

This afternoon, Son#2 and I attended a concert of high achieving music students in our area (neither of us were included in the group nor are ever likely to be). When I paid for our tickets, the lady who took my money asked, "One adult and one student?" I had to correct her and say, "Two adults."

A short time later my music teacher came and sat next to us and the discussion got onto secondary schools and she asked Son#2 if he was at a particular school. "Ah, it's been a while since I was there," was the gist of his answer.

To cover her gaffe she mumbled something about how when he's 45 and mistaken for 30 he won't mind. Not that Son#2 seemed to mind today. But apparently a similar thing has happened to him at work several times. A number of patients had commented on how wonderful it was that the place where he works was employing students over the holidays. At first those that worked there were confused. And then the penny dropped. The patients thought that Son#2 was a student! How surprised they were to learn that he had a four-year degree under his belt.

Son#2 isn't the only one it happens to. A few weeks ago DH had his hair cut and the stylist wouldn't believe that he was a grandpa. Nor would a colleague accept that he had married sons.

It's been so long since someone thought I was younger than I am that I miss it.


SchnauzerMom said…
No one has ever thought that I was younger than I am, sigh.
Jen said…
He will defintely love that when he is older, but right now I'm sure it pretty annoying :). I bet your DH was loving it that the stylist thought he was way younger. I definitely don't think you look old enough to be a grandma! I think you look way younger than you are :).

By the way, Blogger still isn't updating the blog lists to show that I am updating my blog. I updated it several days ago, and it still shows up on everyone elses blogs as my old post :(. Grrrr!

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