A Sneak Preview

I finally did it. I bought a dress to wear to my son's wedding. I've been agonising over this for months. Regardless of where I looked I couldn't find anything even half suitable. It was depressing. And then on Friday I decided that Saturday would be the day. I would find something to wear.

And I did.

But not before having to deal with what in retrospect I can only call rudeness. I think at the time I was too shocked to know how to respond. It happened in the very first store where I started trying on clothes. The salesperson serving me kept bringing me clothes that were at least one size too big. At first I thought, "She must know the clothes. Perhaps they're tight-fitting and I need the next size up." But the garments turned out to be on the generous side rather than the slim. Even after repeatedly asking for smaller sizes (after I'd tried the larger sizes) she still kept bringing me clothes that were too big. Eventually she realised that I did indeed need the smaller size and to her surprise (but not mine) it actually fitted me far better than anything else she had brought me to try on.

I could've overlooked all that if it hadn't been for the other comments. When I was debating whether or not I liked something that both she and the other salesgirl told me I looked stunning in (and if you could have seen the price tag you would know why they thought I looked stunning) one of them said to me, "So don't you ever get dressed up?"

What? Because I'm not sure if I like an outfit it suggests that I go around in tattered jeans and faded shirts all the time? Because I'm not sure if something suits me then it's obvious that I never take the time to get dressed up? And I won't even mention the comments they made about doing my hair and wearing makeup!

While still trying to decide on the outfit I said that I'd like my husband to see it before I made a decision (DH - wise man - had decided not to come with me but just meet me afterwards). The salesgirl immediately asked, "Can't you make a decision without your husband? If it was me, I'd just do it."

Well I wasn't her and when I was spending that kind of money I wanted my husband to be happy with the purchase too. After all, he was going to have to look at me in it for a very long time!

As quickly as I could I finished up in the store and left but not before thanking them for their assistance. After all, aren't we meant to heap coals of fire on the heads of our enemies? And anyway, I actually felt rather bad for all their time that I'd taken up and all the trouble they'd gone too especially when they didn't get a sale out of it - even if their comments had been rude.

The next store I went to the salesperson knew how to sell! She immediately chose a dress in my size, raved about how "small" I am (I've never considered myself "small" - apart from height wise - but it was welcome balm after the previous shop) and commented on all my good features. I left that shop with a dress and glowing from her compliments.

(The photo really doesn't do it justice. You can't see that the entire dress is lace and would be terribly see-through except that there's a very modest full-length black slip that goes underneath. There's also a matching jacket which will definitely be needed by this girl with Aussie blood even in the middle of summer!)

On arriving home I discovered three - three! - boxes of books had come for me in my absence. Yes, my book has finally arrived. I won't even try to describe my feelings when I opened the boxes. Expectation. Relief. And even a twinge of disappointment. I don't know what I expected. Thunderclaps? Stars? After saying for weeks that it would feel real when my book finally arrived, it turned out to be rather an ordinary moment. But sshhhh, don't tell anyone. I think I'm meant to be excited or ecstatic or something.


busymomof10 said…
How exciting that your new book arrived!!! :) I'd love to read it. Is it available in the US?

I can't believe how rude those sales ladies were to you!! I'm so glad you didn't purchase from them!! Your new dress sounds beautiful -- I can't wait to see a picture of you wearing it at your son's wedding! :)
SchnauzerMom said…
That dress is very pretty! I'm glad you didn't buy anything from the rude salespeople. Congratulations on the books!!!

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