The Results Are In

Son#4 and Son#5 passed their exams. One with merit the other with excellence. There were some surprises but overall they're pleased.

I'm pleased.

Their father's pleased. Well that was the impression I got from the text message he sent on his cell phone (our only contact at the moment). I might be a writer and I might love words but text messages generally leave me cold (and I really really want to use correct spelling when I text but it just wastes characters - and time). But at the moment, I'll take them!

Anyway it seems that Son#4 has retained his reputation as the family brains and hopefully Son#5 has learnt that hard work does pay off!

Actually Son#4's brothers used a slang term in place of 'brains' but I won't use it here in case it has negative connotations in some parts of the world. Or has the opposite meaning (which happened not too long ago on a forum I frequent where I was called something that basically means 'dunce' here but has the opposite meaning elsewhere. Still laughing about that.)

Now we just wait for the scholarship results (February).


SchnauzerMom said…
Congratulations to your sons, way to go!

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