Sixty Hours

In approximately sixty hours I'll see my DH again. I've had no contact with him for the last 12 hours and will not hear from him again until his plane touches down on familiar ground once more.

It's been a l-o-n-g three weeks. I've missed him dreadfully at times. And he has missed not one ...

(Photo of Son#1's birthday cake which blogger has turned around and won't let me put right way up.)

not two ...

(Son#5's birthday cake - lemon cheesecake.)

but three ... family birthdays!!!

(Blueberry cheesecake made By DIL#1 - she made the first cake too - and decorated by The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#1.)

I've missed his support and encouragement but his sons have stepped into the breach and their broad shoulders have provided the support that I've needed. I've seen a new side of my sons these last few weeks and all I can say is: their wives (and future wives) are very blessed indeed!

But while I'm looking forward to seeing DH again there's also a little sadness and regret mixed in as well - because his entrance back into the country marks the end of our school holidays. On Tuesday (actually yesterday for me) it's heigh ho and off to work and school we go. The start of the school year is never a favourite time of year for me. I like the holidays. I like having the boys home. And this year I once again have two sons going off to university - two sons leaving the comfort of home for cold and lonely hostel rooms (actually their rooms are quite nice and probably warmer than the ones they have at home - and the food is probably better too since Son#3 put on weight the last time he lived in the hostel) - two sons whom I will miss very much.

This weekend also marks another huge change in our lives for this weekend Son#1 and his wife and daughters are moving out. Yes, after six months, they're moving. I'm going to get 'my house' back with its empty rooms, uncluttered entrance ways, its own smell (which may not be that pleasant - I don't know - but at least won't smell of baby poo), its clean floors and bathroom, and the computer which I will no longer have to queue for!

And I'd swap all that just to have baby cuddles and butterfly kisses every morning and night and surprise 'banana cake' made by The Most Adorable Granddaughter#1.


Jen said…
I'm so glad for you that your hubby is coming home! I can't imagine being away from my hubby that long. That would be really hard! It sounds like you have wonderful sons who have helped you get through these past 3 weeks. Your granddaughters are so sweet. I love the picture with the hat :). I'm sure you will really miss having them around every day, and I'm sure they will really miss you too!
simplebeauty said…

You are such a precious lady. Thank you for your prayers.

I see that you home is going to be changing again. I will keep you in my prayers. I know that having kiddos around makes life messy, but fun! Mom and I often talk about the day that will come when I once again leave home and we try to make sure that mom and dad are enjoying as much of the mess of my toddler as they can!

Thank you again for sharing your wisdom and life with us.
SchnauzerMom said…
Lots of changes coming up for you. Your grandchildren look adorable.
Liliana said…
Love your blog. :)
Jules said…
Jen, I've had years of practice with DH being away but this is the first time we've been separated and never been able to talk and share news and concerns over the phone. I really struggled with that but my sons took on the protector role and I'm just so proud of them.

I will miss having my granddaughters around and it has been such a precious time with them here but I think every young family needs their own space and the fact that we're still all talking to each other after living so close for the past 6 months must be some accomplishment.

SimpleBeauty, it is fun having the girls and I have tried to make the most of it while they've been here - even the messes. Actually with all of my sons home for part of that time, it wasn't just the granddaughters that were making messes!

Thank you SchnauzerMom and Liliana. I think my grandchildren are adorable too!

And now it's only 27 hours to go! Woo-hoo!

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