So Close

I am 'this close' to finishing the quilt for Son#2 and his bride. I could've finished it today except ... yesterday afternoon I ran out of quilting cotton. You can see in this photo (lower edge) the small area that remains to be quilted:

I can't use just any cotton. It has to be the same colour and type. Realising that I was running out I made a quick dash into town Saturday afternoon but the shop was closed. Notice I said 'shop' and not 'shops'. That's because there is only one shop in our town that stocks the cotton I need. And it was closed.

Today I got DH to drive past the shop when we went into town to get groceries. It was still closed! I know it's a holiday - the last four days have been statutory holidays which would normally be reason to celebrate in our household but not when I've run out of quilting cotton! - but couldn't they have opened just for say half an hour so that I could purchase what I needed!

Okay. I'm only thinking of myself here. But I really wanted to get that quilting done.

Now I'll have to do something else ... something exciting ... like housework.


Daisy said…
WOW! That quilt is STUNNING! Gorgeous Jules, just gorgeous!!
Liliana said…
Wow, what Daisy said. WOW!
Bonnie said…
So beautiful Jules, You are one talanted lady! I am sewing my fist quilt and its taking a ot more patience than I ever realised I would require.
SchnauzerMom said…
I'll repeat the Wow!!! That quilt is beautiful. I don't blame you for wanting to get it done though.

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