We have three new family members as of today. Well, two are only on loan for a week or so, but we're hoping the other one will decide to stay.

On Monday we discovered a mother cat and her five kittens living under our building at work. Mother cat was decidedly skinny but her coat looked shiny and healthy and all five kittens looked extremely healthy. We've had a lovely time taking the children around to see them and feeding and cuddling all six. It's been particularly lovely in the afternoons when they're been out dozing in the sun and we've been able to sit in the sun also and enjoy a slower pace of life for a little while.

But all good things must come to an end. This weekend is Easter and in New Zealand the start of our holiday between terms. For the next two weeks there will be no one to feed or care for the cats.

Three kittens were immediately snapped up and went to good homes. The other two are also spoken for but the new owners wanted them to stay with their mother for a little longer. Since I'd already decided to take the mother (who is really not much more than a kitten herself and who has such a lovely nature) I agreed to have the kittens as well.

Currently the kittens have taken up residence under a shelf in my laundry while mother cat is in my linen closet snuggled down amongst the blankets that I only washed a fortnight ago. Hmmmm.

And "Blueb'ry"? That's what we've decided to call the mother cat.


winterwren said…
Oh Jules! How much fun! They are all so beautiful! I am so happy that you are taking the mother! So often in shelters the kittens (or puppies) get snapped up while the mom lingers for months before finding a home. Although kittens are so lovely, too--I would be tempted to keep all three! lol!

My cats always try to get into the linen closet and sleep on our towels. Must be a cat thing. I try to keep them out, but sometimes they sneak in. Nothing like stepping out of the shower to a furry towel.
Mary R. said…
Oh, how sweet, and I love the name you picked for her!
SchnauzerMom said…
I'm so glad that you decided to take them in. They're obviously not feral since that took to you and the children.

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