I've Joined the Craze (Otherwise Known as Giving My Family One More Reason to Think I'm Crazy)

I can't remember who started me on knitting. Possibly my mother who now despairs of my clumsy knitting method. But it gets the job done so I'm not complaining. I may not be as quick as others at knitting but I've always managed and over the years I've moved from beginner to intermediate to designing my own patterns.

But I had never tried socks. In fact, I couldn't understand the craze for knitting socks. Until now. I knitted and completed a pair and now I'm hooked.

This pattern uses only two sticks and is a great one for beginners. Not that I'm afraid to knit in the round - I once knitted a Fair Isle jersey totally in the round with no seams - no, it's more a case of not having double pointed needles in the right size to knit in the round. And when I want to try a pattern I want to try it now and not have to wait until I can get to the store to buy what I need (and sadly, my local shop rarely has the sizes I need because I tend to have to use a different size needle to the one specified in the pattern due to my ahem knitting method which produces a very tight tension).

This pattern is so versatile that I've already thought of how I can adapt it. Within hours of finishing the first pair, another pair is already on the go (see, I said I was hooked).

So why knit socks?

They're quick and easy. They could be knitted up in a weekend (especially if the weather turned nasty and there was nothing else to do but sit in front of a roaring fire and knit). They don't require a great investment of time (which you'll really appreciate if you don't like the finished result - at least you haven't spent hours and hours making something you don't like) and patterns range from the novice to the experienced knitter.

They're relatively inexpensive. I love using pure wool but quite honestly the cost of using pure wool for a pullover for myself is becoming almost prohibitive. Socks only take a small amount of wool which means that even that expensive yarn might be worth trying. Or dig through bargain bins and balls of yarn on sale. And don't forget to check out that scrap basket and be surprised how all those odds and ends can knit up into something useful.

They offer a great opportunity to experiment with colours or patterns that you wouldn't normally try. I tend to make safe choices when it comes to choosing wool colour (all that time and money I want to know that I'm going to wear it) but with socks you can try some outrageous colours. And that pattern that you adore but which would drive you insane if you had to do it over and over again on a sweater, can be tried out on the leg or instep of a pair of socks.

They presumably make great gifts (if you can bring yourself to give them away). And in case any family members are reading this, I won't make you any socks unless you specifically ask me too (yes, I know you already think I'm crazy).

They're warm. I. Never. Knew. That. My. Feet. Could. Be. This. Warm. In. Winter. In. Just. Socks.

And lastly, they're fun to knit. Seriously.

So try some socks. And if all else fails, well scarves are always good to knit (and give) too.


SchnauzerMom said…
I made a pair of socks about 30 years ago. Maybe I'll try knitting socks again. Cute photos!
Anonymous said…
Jules, your granddaughters are so, so adorable! :)
Bonnie said…
I would love to knit more but honestly don't have the patience for it. I haven't seen a pair of knitted socks for a long time either so good on you!

I posted the butter milk directions on my blog and will put the sticky buns one on in the next few days.

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