A Most Romantic Gesture

I had originally thought of calling this post Ruthless or Vicious or even Miserable. That's because when DH asked me how I wanted my roses pruned I told him he could be as ruthless as he liked and I promised not to complain regardless of what they looked like afterwards; because when DH cut his leg when grappling with a particularly vicious rose he complained about said vicious rose (even though it wasn't the rose he cut himself on) but continued with the task; and because when it started to rain Son#5 started to feel miserable and asked me if this was really what I considered fun (actually I've had worse experiences).

But then as I thought more about DH pruning these roses after he told me years ago that if I wanted roses in my garden he wasn't going to care for them (and just like children with pets, I promised that I'd look after them) - and pretending to complain as he did so - that this was the most romantic, most loving gesture he could've made.

Like the next girl, I dream of chocolate and surprise getaways and love notes and gifts but what my husband did yesterday in the cold and the rain was one of the rarest, most beautiful, and thoughtful gifts that I have ever received.

I wonder if I can manage to assign him the task of getting rid of all those cuttings now or do you think that might be pushing it just a little too far?


simplebeauty said…
That was a very sweet guesture. Have lovely day.
SchnauzerMom said…
That was a very nice thing for him to do. Maybe he will get rid of the cuttings too. Who knows.
Anonymous said…
He's definitely a keeper, Jules! :)
busymomof10 said…
You are so wise to see his simple act of service and self-sacrifice as the ultimate love gift! You are blessed to have such a husband; and he is blessed to have such a wife! Flowers quickly fade; chocolate stays with you far too long; but wrestling with those thorny roses because of his love for you is Priceless! :)
Jules said…
Yes Kati, he's definitely a keeper. SchnauzerMom, the cuttings are still sitting there. We'll get around to removing them sometime but in the meantime I tell myself that perhaps they're good for the garden!

Busymomof10, I love your comment about the chocolate. How true! I used to be the first to complain that my husband wasn't romantic until I realised I was looking for romance in the wrong places! I still treasure cards and love notes whenever I'm blessed to receive one, but everytime I look at my rose garden I can see his love. As you say, priceless!

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