This is the last sock post for a while. I promise. But I got impatient yesterday to try two socks on two needles at the same time and since I wasn't completely happy with the work I'd done so far on one sock, undid it and used the opportunity to knit two socks from the toe up.

As my mother said last night, I make my hobby my work and become obsessed. Guilty as charged. She recognised it in me because she's the same.

But back to two socks on two needles. What can I say? It's fun and quick and no counting rows (apart from keeping track of pattern rows) since you're automatically knitting the same number of rows for both socks. And now that I've finished DH's socks I can devote more time to getting these ones done. Oh what a way to knit!


busymomof10 said…
Who can't resist "two for the price of one?" :)
SchnauzerMom said…
Very nice! I take my hobbies pretty seriously too.

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