Two Dreams That Came True

On Friday DH arrived home with a gift for me: my very own laptop! Since Son#2 reclaimed his not so long ago I've not done nearly as much writing as I'd like to because it's just too cold to sit at our family computer for any length of time. In fact, my time at the computer seems to happen in spurts interspersed with longer periods in front of the fire to defrost!

But now that's behind me. Now I can write and not be limited to one freezing cold corner of the house. Better still: this is my computer and I'll set it up the way I want to and if anyone touches it, watch out! (For those sons that are away at university but come home periodically to torment me by changing all the settings on the family computer, No you cannot play games on my laptop).

So that's one dream that came true (since I didn't consider a laptop a necessity and thought I would have to wait years before getting my own).

The second dream that came true occurred this morning when I jumped on the scales. The number that was revealed was my ideal weight! I immediately burst out laughing because that number is 6 kilos less than the one that was revealed yesterday. I knew it couldn't be true but still it was nice to see that lower number for just a few fleeting seconds and even though I knew it to be inaccurate, I felt better about myself all day. DH says that the battery must be going and that I should replace it but my question is this: why would I want to do that?


SchnauzerMom said…
I have a laptop and I really like it. I can surf the 'Net and watch TV at the same time. I like your scale, I wish mine was like that.
busymomof10 said…
Congratulations!! I love having my own laptop and I know you will too!! :) Enjoy the new number on the scale while it lasts! ;)
Jen said…
That is wonderful about the laptop. I love mine. It is so much easier to be able to sit wherever and type. I hope your scale really isn't going, and that the numbers are true :).
Jules said…
I know the scales aren't correct but I still like the number. When they start reading a lot higher than what I think they should (well they do that now but I have a sneaking suspicion that they're correct - more's the pity) then I'll change the battery. But until that time ...

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