More Magic (Not Really)

Step-by-step photos of knitting socks in the round on one circular needle. If you're like me, the concept seems daunting until you try it. Then you wonder why you waited so long. Hopefully the pics show just how easy this trick is.

A loop of cable on the left separates front (instep) and back (sole) of the sock. Needles are to the right and not yet in the knitting position.

Stitches to be knitted (in this case instep/leg front stitches) are slipped forward onto needle while the sole/leg back stitches remain on the cable.

Knitting the stitches. A loop of cable exists the sock at each side of the sock.

The instep/front leg stitches all knitted and the needle they were originally on now empty. Loop of cable now at right.

Move the stitches on sole/leg back onto the needle that has become free.

Slip instep/leg front stitches off needle and onto cable.

Begin knitting as before.

The final magic: slipping on a pair of socks that only need a few ends sewn in.


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