Some Simple Pleasures

Perfectly cooked toast.
A stranger's smile.
A rainbow.
Roaring fires.
Hearing "Hello Nana!"
Birds singing.
The scent of rain.
The grasp of a baby.
A freshly made pot of tea.
The smell of crushed lavender.
Watching the clouds move across the sky.
Towels that smell of sunshine.
Kittens (and puppies).
Chocolate cake.
Listening to music.
Long summer evenings.
A good book.
Handmade soap.
A sleeping child.
Clean swishy hair.
Starry nights.
Hearing "I love you."
Clean sheets.
A dog's slobbery kiss.
Fruit and vegetables straight from the garden.
Child's giggle.
Typing the last word of a manuscript.
The first daffodil in Spring.
Good friends.
A long hot soak in the bath (tub).
Comments in my inbox (and I want to thank those who commented on a recent post - I intend to reply soon but just want to say that I'm doing much better these days).

And the list could go on ... and on ... and on ... Add to it and tell me your simple pleasures.


Mary R. said…
I like that. Oh, I have another new blog(s), under the ministry of our church. The last blog, which Irecently made, didn't "fly," possibly due to the military theme that a lot of my blog friends probabbly didn't relate to (that's ok).

I invite you to follow this new one: Teaching Good Things, (click on my picture) and the secondary one: Mary's Heart (click on the picture of roses on the Teaching Good Things blog.

Don't have to publish this. Sorry for the confusion.
SchnauzerMom said…
The simple pleasures are the best ones!

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