If ...

you've never listened to a house alarm sounding off for hours on end then it's probably because it's your house alarm that is going off.

Please come home. Soon.


Hiya Jules, thanks for the url on faithwriters, unfortunately I have been unable to respond to posts on FW for months so couldn't say ta. :-0 Val
Mary Hawkins said…
Hi, Jules! I just had a google alert that sent me to the Faithwriters Forum and after reading your comment clicked on your blog and website. I see you have my website listed there! Thank you so much. I was not aware of your To a Distant Land release. Congratulations! I did enjoy the few pages I've just read - when I should be on the way to bed right now! LOL. Definitely one on my "to buy" list!
SchnauzerMom said…
So what happened?
Jules said…
Val, so nice to see you again. FW is rather quiet these days. Perhaps others are having the same problems?

Mary, thank you so much for dropping by. I've always admired your work. And I'm happy to promote other authors from downunder. My belief is that we write not for our own glory but for God's, so we should encourage each other as much as possible. Who cares if another author 'does better' as long as we're getting the message out there?

Kathryn, after shutting the windows and doors (glorious Spring day here and it was hard to do) and turning up the music I could still hear it ... so I went and did the grocery shopping and had to listen to some kid (not mine) throwing a tantrum in the supermarket. I couldn't see him but I could sure hear him! I don't know which was worse! Came home an hour later and the alarm had stopped - finally. It had been going for quite a long time and was just one of those little things that yesteray I couldn't cope with. Bad of me I know.

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