Now That DH is Back on NZ Soil I Can Make an Announcement

Scheduled posts are so wonderful! While I'm picking up DH from the airport, this post will be published. I think that's appropriate since this post is going to announce what I learnt about the time DH flew out of the country just over two weeks ago!

It all began because Son#2 was working and his wife dropped him off and had some time to fill in before going to church. Son#2 suggested taking her blood. For fun or practice, I'm not sure which (he seems to take great delight in asking if he can practice his skills on family members - okay, I never claimed my family wasn't a little mad), but DIL#2 graciously agreed (so far she's the only one - apart from his unsuspecting patients of course).

Later that day they visited and Son#2 handed me a sheet of paper. It had his wife's name on it and the result: 82.2mIU/mL. I looked at it uncomprehending.

"What's this?" I asked.

"What do you think it is?" Son#2 replied with a question of his own.

"Is it what I think it is?" hazarding a guess.

"Yes, Mum," (he didn't need to make it sound as if I was particularly dense - it wasn't until after they'd gone that I noticed under the result it said "Positive"). "It took you long enough."

Perhaps. But tell me, would you have known what it meant?

And just in case, you're a little slow like me: yes, DH and I are to be grandparents again! As Son#1 told me when he heard, I will have at least twice as many grandchildren Christmas 2011 as what I will have Christmas 2010. How exciting is that!


busymomof10 said…
How exciting! Congratulations!!! As I just blogged about, babies are a blessing, and that includes grandbabies! :)
Liliana said…
Anonymous said…
In my defense the piece of paper did also have the test name on it - βhCG - and mum did do nursing :)
winterwren said…

Congratulations! Twice as many grandchildren by next year--what a lovely thing. Will they all share the prefix "Most Adorable"?

Happy and healthy nine months!
Jules said…
Yes Anonymous (aka Son#2 I suspect) I did do nursing but we weren't required to understand the majority of test results. Usually someone else interpreted them for us and we knew from that diagnosis how to nurse the patient. In this case, I'd suggest lots of loving care (for DIL#2 not you), chocolate (again for DIL#2), and time spent looking at baby name books, baby furniture, baby items, and other baby paraphernalia.

Thank you Lil and Elizabeth, babies are indeed a blessing and we're pretty excited about this one!
Ohtawen said…
Congrats, Jules! It's such good news :) I can relate to the excitement, because there is a baby boom going on in my family. My sister and four cousins are pregnant, so we're expecting lots of babies in the next seven months. I can hardly wait to see my new nephews and nieces!

And I hope everything turns out well and you get healthy grandchildren :)
SchnauzerMom said…
Congratulations that's wonderful news!
campguy said…
Congrats on the big news - and thanks for sharing! Very exciting indeed. Miss you all. Share my congratulations with the fam.
Jules said…
Hi Campguy, we were just talking about you this afternoon and wondering where you were up to. Back in the States we thought but couldn't be sure. Son#2 was wanting your email address because he thought it had changed. Yes, it is very exciting news and we're thrilled!
Jen said…
What a creative way to tell you! I am so happy for you and your family :)!

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