I Should Be Excited

I've just typed the last word for book three in the Distant Land Series. There were times in the last few months when I thought I would never reach the end.

But I have. I think it's complete. It just needs now to be edited.

And edited. And edited. And EDITED.

Perhaps that's why I feel so flat.


Mary R. said…
That must be miserable constantly editing. I can't imagine. I would NEVER have the energy to write a book (or the imagination for a fiction one), so my hat is off to you!!!
Congratulations on finishing stage one. I'm at the same point with my manuscript (non-fiction) and I feel the same way. Excited to have reached this milestone, but exhausted even thinking about the amount of work I know is ahead of me.

Can't wait to read books 2 & 3. I loved To a Distant Land. :-) Praying that you will be filled with energy and clarity of thought to get your editing done as quickly as possible.
Jules said…
Mary, I don't really mind editing but it's like Susan said: you reach this milestone and just feel exhuasted at all the work that is still ahead. Checking details. Dotting i's and crossing t's. Ensuring POV is consistent. Etc, etc, etc.

Susan, thank you so much for your comments on my first book. I really needed to hear that tonight. :)
SchnauzerMom said…
Wow you are really working hard. I pray that your energy holds out while you do the editing.

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