Weekend for Thanksgiving

Several years ago we were introduced to Thanksgiving by our American boarder and so began a tradition in our home. However this year we chose not to celebrate it due to various reasons and yet we had a Thanksgiving celebration of sorts anyway.

Last night we held a twenty-first birthday party for our third son. Just over twenty-one years ago we had no idea whether he would be born alive, so this party was for us a Thanksgiving celebration - thankfulness to God for the life he gave us, for the twenty-one years we have had with Son#3, and for the man that he is becoming. Perhaps today as the family gathers to polish off all the leftovers, we might remember other things that we are thankful for. There are certainly a lot of them.

But since this post is really about Son#3's party, here are a few pics.

The cake that DIL#1 made. If you know my son and how much he loves games (and how he always wins) then you'll understand how appropriate this cake is. Didn't she do a fabulous job?

Son#3 and his lovely girlfriend. She doesn't like having her photo taken (I don't know why - she's so gorgeous) so this is the best that we have.

Party Games. The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#2 had to join in the fun too.

Cutting the cake (seemed such a shame really):

Some of the other desserts (one of which I will be posting the recipe for shortly).

Happy Birthday Son#3. We're so proud of you!


SchnauzerMom said…
I'm glad that your son had a happy birthday! Great photos, the food looks yummy.
Anonymous said…
Lovely! Mary R.