A Little Scare

Yesterday morning I arrived at work early and was standing at the sink reaching up to the shelf when I suddenly felt strange. I said, "I feel strange. I'm going to have to sit down" and started to make my way toward the couch. Before I could get there I listed to one side, my legs turned to jelly, and I went down on the floor.

That's one way to get attention!

As I was sitting there - knowing that even if my life depended on it I wouldn't be able to get up off the floor - I thought, "This can't be happening to me. I'm not ready for this." Whether this meant illness or disability or something else, I don't know but whatever it was I wasn't ready for it.

When I felt that I could trust my legs, someone helped me up and I moved to the couch. By now I was feeling increasingly embarrassed - which didn't lessen with time.

It was decided that I shouldn't stay at work and since no one - least of all me - thought I should drive, someone took me home. Later that same person picked me up to take me to the doctor where it was discovered that blood pressure, heart rate and ECG were all normal. It was put down to a "fainting spell without loss of consciousness" and I was sent home to rest.

Even now when I think about my legs turning to jelly I get upset. I'd like some answers as to what happened and why but unless it happens again (and I'd prefer that it didn't!) no further tests will be done.

Since it happened I have felt extremely exhausted - I don't know why - but wonder if it's possible that was the cause even though I was feeling fine when I turned up to work. My mother collapsed the morning after my DH and I announced our engagement so scenes like this are not unknown in my family (it was never determined what caused her collapse and eventually was put down to "exhaustion"). I would just rather it wasn't me making the scene!

At least the enforced rest has given me a chance to finish a few small projects. With the expectation of a grandbaby being born in the middle of winter I've been knitting some baby singlets (undershirts) out of merino and pure new wool (especially after seeing the prices online). Prior to yesterday these three singlets were all at various stages: the mint green waiting to have all the ends sewn in; the avocado green needing the same plus the seams sewn up; and the red one waiting for me to finish knitting the front before doing the neck and seams.

DH thinks the red one isn't suitable for a newborn baby. I reminded him that it will be hidden under other garments but he seems to think nothing can hide it! Perhaps DIL#2 can use it as a "back-up" if she doesn't like it. I had a pink skivvy that was kept for that purpose in the bottom of my nappy (diaper) bag when Son#1 was a baby. One Sunday evening Son#1 was beautifully dressed in a little boy suit but just as we pulled up in front of church he threw up everywhere. I'm not sure why I didn't have a spare change of clothes in the bag but I didn't and Son#1 ended up wearing the pink skivvy and a pair of rather large nappy overpants ("Fluffies") to church that night. After that I always made sure there were several sets of clean clothes in the bag!

Anyway, from left: red singlet with garter stitch neck and opening (still awaiting buttons which I don't have at the moment); avocado green singlet with envelope neck; mint green singlet with crotchet neck. I prefer the eyelet rib patterns as they are lovely and stretchy and the garment pattern that I used for the red singlet although I can see the convenience of the envelope neck especially if you have a squirming and/or screaming baby. I have some more balls of yarn to knit up but haven't yet decided which pattern to do. Any ideas? It's so long since my sons were babies that I've forgotten what works best.

(Pics are clickable and I will post the instructions on my other blog in time.)


Ashley DeLen said…

I do hope that you begin to feel better quickly!! And those little baby tops are so cute!! You are very talented!
busymomof10 said…
Wow! How scary! I sure hope it is an isolated incidence!!! (As I'm sure you do too!)

My first thought is blood sugar? did you have a sudden blood sugar drop? Did you eat breakfast before this?

I hope you are feeling fine and I love your little baby "singlets!"
SchnauzerMom said…
Wow that was scary, I hope you are OK. It is nice to rest and get some knitting done though.
Anonymous said…
I like the white one best. The red will be a nice Christmas one. The middle one is lovely, as well, and I like the neck-line.

Boy, that was a scary fainting spell, Jules. Hope that does not happen again. Mary R.

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