My New Toy

I didn't receive jewellery for Christmas. Or perfume. Or clothes. Or anything to make quilts with. What I did receive from Sons#4 and #5 was a new toy that in our family at least has been traditionally associated with male domination. In fact, I've posted on this blog before that I believe they deliberately keep me uninformed so that they can prove their superiority.

No longer will that be true. Because no longer do I have to muddle through this:

But instead have this:

Now when I'm all alone in the house (as I am now since DH and Sons#3, #4 and #5 have gone fishing) I can watch my movies when I want and as loud or soft as I choose. No getting DH or sons to set up the TV and DVD player before they go. I can now do it myself.

Ah, freedom finally from the tyrant remotes.


Mary R. said…
Oh, that really is great! I have trouble with all those remotes myself.
SchnauzerMom said…
That is great! My husband usually has to sit things up so that I can watch a movie.

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