Morning's Work

I've had my eyes on a pair of acid-wash jeans with a hole in the thigh for quite a while but when I went looking for them today they were nowhere to be found. I suspect Son#3 has hidden them somewhere knowing my penchant for cutting up fabrics - any fabrics - and turning them into patchwork.

Instead I had to look to my own wardrobe and found a skirt of mine that I've always liked but which has a zipper that never sits flat. I particularly liked the embroidered flowers that started just below the waist and worked their way downward. After several hours, those same flowers are now facing upward and look as if they're blooming rather than wilting.

Here is the finished item:

The lining fabric is a patchwork cotton that my mother gave me when I was in Australia last February so it was nice to be able to use it on something for myself. The buttons are from a favourite pair of jeans. I'm toying with the idea of adding buttons on the inside so that it can be reversible. What do you think?

Will I ever wear it? Well I'm wearing it right now. If you mean, will I ever wear it out in public - that remains to be seen. I have great intentions and can be all fired up with enthusiasm when it comes to making my own clothes (blame it on my mother who used to make me the most adorable outfits when I was a child that fitted perfectly and were in most instances superior to any in the stores) but when it comes to wearing those same clothes where someone will actually see me in them, well that's another story.

Let's wait and see if this time is different.


Mary R. said…
Hey, those look good, and yes, add the buttons! I know what you mean about not always wanting people to see you in a homemade creation. I sometimes feel like that, too, depending on how it came out.
SchnauzerMom said…
Very pretty, I think you did a great job. I would wear it out in public.

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