That skirt that didn't fit a month ago? Well it fits now.

I'm not saying that I look gorgeous or stunning or anything like that. I know I still need to lose more weight. Quite a bit more.

At the moment I don't even know what number is on the scales and I find I like it that way. If the clothes fit, who cares what I weigh? (Well I do, but I shouldn't. Down that path lies tears and despair. Far better to feel comfortable in my own clothes than to care about any number).

However, we're having blueberry frozen yoghurt with our apple crumble tonight instead of ice cream even if it is a birthday celebration. Just so my clothes will continue to fit.


Sharlene said…
Yay for a skirt that fits! I am experiencing that too - finally. My clothes are starting to be loose. The numbers on the scale are not lovely yet, but the clothes look much better. Glad that you are seeing some progress - or is that regress.
SchnauzerMom said…
Congratulations! That's great news.
winterwren said…
Congrats! I am very happy for you. I have been trying to eat better myself, too, but have not been sticking with it at all. (November through February are hard months here--Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and let us not forget girl scout cookies! Do you have girl scout cookies down there? Cruel, cruel girl scouts.)

It is funny--the one of the "suggested" posts your blog generated with this one was the recipe for Mud Cake...with that gorgeous cake photo!
Jules said…
Winterwren, that is too funny about the mud cake post.

The skirt might fit but I'm not sure if there's been too many other changes. Perhaps it stretched??? Might pay to hold off on those congratulations for a little while longer. :)

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