News and Tears

It's becoming a regular occurrence. That is, bursting into tears when I hear the evening news.

Just a few weeks ago it was floods. Now it's Cyclone Yasi - a Category 5 cyclone - that is expected to hit the Queensland coast within the next few hours. It is the largest and most likely the deadliest cyclone in Australia's history.

I can still remember the devastation of Cyclone Tracy that hit the Australian City of Darwin on Christmas Eve 1974 and the images that were projected onto our television screen day after day. I was almost ten and the stories of families awaking homeless on Christmas morning or the shots of Christmas presents still stacked in cupboards while the rest of the house lay in ruins frightened me greatly.

But there's even more reason to fear this cyclone. It is predicted that winds will be up to 180mph – miles not kilometres - with the same strength as Hurricane Katrina.

I'll be glued to the news bulletins in the morning. Meanwhile I'll pray. Will you join me?


Ashley DeLen said…
Yes I will join you in prayer.
SchnauzerMom said…
I will join you in prayer. Maybe the thing will slow down a little, that does happen. Maybe it'll turn, that happens too. At least it does here with hurricanes.
Jen said…
We have been praying, and watching the news some trying to see if anything is happening. Evie and I prayed that it would not happen at all!
Jules said…
Thank you all. I found out afterwards that I had relatives in the area so it became all the more personal to me. However, all are safe. I've been away for a couple of days but before I went the last I'd heard was that while there had been extensive damage and 90% of the banana crop wiped out - not to mention the sugar cane crop - there had been no loss of life. For that we can praise God.

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