It seems that it was not enough that my hair was (is) falling out at an alarming rate and that it had become so thin on the ends that I was forced to cut. Now it seems there is also the real threat of some nasty little invaders given the rapid rate they have been taking up residence on heads at work this past week.

I'm not sure that I have these uninvited guests ... but I'm not sure I haven't either. As if one nightmare experience with them wasn't enough, there's a very really possibility that I'm about to relive that particular nightmare.

I've treated my head which has resulted in more shedding. Given that I'm shedding 200 or so hairs a day and it's been going on for at least two months, and taking into account that the average head has about 100 000 hairs, I estimate I have 440 days before I need to really worry.

Not. I'm worrying now. Scared to touch my hair unless absolutely necessary. Treating for head lice was not on my list of things I wanted to do to my hair this week. This month. This year.

There should be some kind of rule: only one hair-related malady at a time. Anyone want to second that?


ladyofrohan said…
Seconded, and hang in there Jules!
winterwren said…
Jules, I second that, absolutely. To me it seems like when it rains, it *always* pours, in just about any area of life--health, hair, finances, spirituality, whatever. Maybe that is because life is always crazy and then when the crazy things star to pile up, I notice them more. I don't know.

Anyway, I felt really just so bad for you when I read about the head lice on top of the shedding--I know how I would have felt. I would have been in the bathroom crying, with my husband trying to comfort me and tell me it was okay, and me yelling at him that he did not understand (maybe I should go to your church's marriage seminar.)

I do not know how lice treatment works, but I hope you do not have to treat again. Hopefully the infestation at your work will end soon.

Good luck.
Mary R. said…
Yes, I'll second that. Hope the problems get resolved.
SchnauzerMom said…
How awful. I hope you're able to get rid of the lice without hurting your hair.

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