Oh No!

Some dear soul:

(a) who is tone deaf; or

(b) who at birth was invested with an extra dose of kindness; or

(c) who feels sorry for us;

has asked my music teacher if our flute group could play again at the student concert next month. The same songs that we played at the concert this month and which we played so badly that even if the composers were alive today they would most likely give up all rights to the score.

Even Son#5 was aware of how bad we sounded.

So why have we been asked to play again?


I have no idea. I doubt anyone has any idea. Even our teacher has no idea. She has since admitted that as she stood up the front conducting and feeling her face heat up she was desperately asking herself, "How am I going to get them all back together and to finish at the same time?"

Because let's face it, we were awful.

So, why have we been asked to play again? I can only surmise that it's because of either (a), (b), (c), or all three. Anyone would have to be crazy to want to listen to us again.

But there's worse to come.

My music teacher wants to do a duet. With moi. I have no idea why. It's not false modesty that prevents me from doing it. When I say that I'm not very good, I mean that I'm not very good. I don't want anyone to contradict me or pretend that I'm not speaking the truth.






So why am I suddenly being forced to perform? And in front of people?


Jill said…
Hi! I have just discovered your blogs via a comment you made on Smokeythemagnificent's blog. I am her mother, and seem to have lots in common with you; I am a Christian, an Aussie, have lived here in NZ for the past 18 years, love quilting, and have six daughters, two sons-in-law, a grand-daughter and a new grandchild due in June. I will look forward to reading more of your blogs when I have some time, and will show my youngest that people really can grow up and write books - something she dreams about.
Sharlene said…
Take courage! You have time to practice and improve. The Lord can even help nervous flautists. I hope that Son #5 can attend the next concert and give another honest, but improved opinion of it.
winterwren said…
Oh, Jules! Your post made me laugh out loud.

I do not know whether to congratulate you or offer condolences.

Have you asked your teacher why she wants to play the duet? Do you have to play if you do not want to?

PLEASE DO NOT KILL ME, but my first thought *was* that perhaps you are at least a smidge better than you think you are (not due to false modesty, just high expectations of yourself.)

However, I believe you when you say that is not that case. I really do.

Here's hoping that the concert goes much better this time around and that your duet is a success. At least you guys get a second chance--that's something, right? Sort of? Maybe?

Best of luck!
Jules said…
Hi Jill, so nice that you stopped by. Yes, we do have many things in common. I noticed that when I first found your daughter's blog (via some articles she'd written for another site). And yes, there is no reason why your youngest cannot believe that she can grow up and write books. It's something I've dreamed about since I was little and the thrill of realising a dream is worth all the hard work.

Sharlene, good point about having more time to practice and improve. Hopefully it will happen. :)

Winterwren, I'm glad I could make you laugh. I laughed when my music teacher told me. I had really thought that I would never have to play those dreaded pieces again. As for the duet, I think it's a way of challenging me and helping me to become more confident with playing in public. I actually took up the flute so that I could play in church again (used to play the piano) and while I go along to the music practices, I'm nowhere near ready to play in church. So playing with a competent player in public might be a good place to start - next year - or the year after - or maybe even the year after that ...
Ashley DeLen said…

Oh my goodness you have me rolling on this one!! Maybe they want to invite others to hear you all! Good or bad :O) Some people asked one of the little singing groups I've been involved in if we could records some Kansas songs for tourists. We aren't great. But we were really not that great the day we recorded. Oh well. We got the job done! I'm proud of you for finding something you want to do and doing it!

Thank you for your kind message the other day on my blog. I'm trying really hard. Today was an ick day. Sometimes my ick days are brought on by ick from work. I'm "working" through it!

I treasure your blog and your friendship! Blessings to you.

Oh and one more thing. About Easter (from another post of yours) This year I taught my little girl about Jesus dying on the cross and being raised from the dead. I had asked her what Easter was about and she told me bunnies and chocolate. So I was gentle and told her that it was actually about Jesus. And instead of the Easter Bunny bringing her a basket of goodies. I gave it to her as her mother. It is a step. And we talked and talked and talked about Jesus a whole lot and I loved it!!

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