Holidays are over and today it was back to work we go. I was fortunate - I only had to work half a day as three teachers were rostered on but only two were needed. I quite happily volunteered to be the one to go home. This was no huge sacrifice on my part. I've picked up an extra afternoon against my will and desire so to be able to drop a few hours was a relief.

I thought of all the things I could do once I got home ... but I didn't get to do them. A bit like my holidays. I had plans and so few of them came to fruition.

However ...

I did get to spend time with family. Sons#3 and #4 came home and The Most Adorable Granddaughters in the World#1 and #2 also came to stay. At times it was busy - even hectic - but it was fun. I loved every minute of it.

Son#3 was only home for a few days but Son#4 was home for almost a fortnight and didn't go back to Uni until Saturday. We took him over and were able to time it so that we could watch his hockey game before heading home. (I also had another reason for the timing of the trip - I wanted to order my new stove - but more of that in a later post I think.)

Watching him play hockey is something we don't get to do now that he's away from home. I quite enjoyed watching him play at this level and we were extremely grateful that he remembered his upbringing and didn't receive any cards!

I finished the baby quilt for Son#2 and DIL#2. I had planned to finish it while watching the Royal Wedding (yes I'm a monarchist and a romantic - well at least I think I am) but obviously found more to watch during the five hour broadcast than I had originally anticipated (hence not a lot of sewing got done). But I finished it yesterday while at Son#2 and DIL#2's home apart from a label.

I also sewed two safety sleeps (or sleep safes as Son#1 calls them) for DIL#1 to take with her when the family goes overseas at the end of this week. She wants them for The Most Adorable Granddaughters#2 and #3 to sleep in since there will not always be a cot/crib available. The Most Adorable Granddaughter#2 has been used to using one so it shouldn't cause any problems for her and I think DIL#1 has been doing some practice runs with The Most Adorable Granddaughter#3 so that she's familiar with them too. I think they are a great idea and they can be run up in about an hour and a half (even on my machine) for only a small monetary outlay. Brilliant!

I finished my scarf and while it's not as long as I would like (I ran out of wool) I'm pleased with the pattern. It was a very simple pattern yet very pretty (I'll have to dig out the pattern again and post a link.)

I also started a pair of socks using left-over wool. They're not really as wild as they look in this picture. I felt the need to do something with my hands (other than quilting) and only had bits and pieces of wool to use - hence the stripes.

I didn't get very far with the books I wanted to read (in fact I can't believe that I didn't even finish one) but I didn't do too badly with those flute pieces (well at least my teacher seemed pleased today). And I did manage to write quite a few words (several thousand in fact) of my latest novel and take Sons#4 and #5 shopping for clothes (quite an accomplishment especially since we actually bought something).

We started sorting through our 'stuff' and rearranging furniture in anticipation for our renovations (and descent into chaos). As I type this, DH is standing behind me slowly pulling my piano apart. Yes, you read correctly. DH is pulling my piano apart. Piece by piece.

My treasured piano. That he bought me for my twenty-second birthday. That we brought over from Australia. That was broken when we unpacked it in our house. That we suspect was dropped at the wharf causing the bottom to fall out. That was my pride and joy until several keys stopped working. That could not be fixed (the piano man just laughed at us). That is now no longer.

But it's okay. I have another one. Two in fact (well one belongs to DIL#1). And they still work. In fact, I might go play one right now.


Ohtawen said…
Dear Jules, your holidays were very productive. You accomplished so much! When we have my nephew over, I barely manage to do any of my work... but on the other hand, he likes to monopolize his aunt, so I'm not complaining :)
I'm in awe how you managed to do a quilt, safety slips, a scarf, write so much new pages of your novel, practice the flute pieces and take care of your family. Oh, I hope that one day I'll be capable of doing at least a half of that...
SchnauzerMom said…
Wow looks like you were busy. Great photos. The quilt is beautiful and so is the granddaughter.

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